Announcement: We are evolving! KeepTruckin is now Motive.

As we advance to a name commensurate with the breadth of scope in our offerings, KeepTruckin is now Motive!

Motive APIs

Motive makes it easy for you to access all of your fleet management data, so you can take advantage of the powerful data collection technology in the Motive apps.

This site describes how to interact with our APIs. Our APIs enable you to get data for reports, make changes to your fleet, integrate with Transportation Management Systems (TMS), and build dashboards outside of Motive to help you understand your business as a whole.

Motive APIs are secured with HTTPS and will provide JSON or XML formatted responses. The sections that follow contain information on how to access the API, how to fetch response in a certain format, how to format timestamps in a certain timezone, and how to set unit of measure for various metrics. By using Motive's API you agree to our API terms of service.

Our Domain Stays the Same

Please bear with us as our backend code and documentation evolve in accordance with the name change.

For now, our API domain will not change.

You will continue to access our data at as discussed in the Endpoints page. Here's what you can expect in our API reference documentation:

Our API reference documentation will match our backend code.

This means that:

  1. There will be a period of disparity: To avoid confusion, for as long as ‘keeptruckin’ remains our API domain in the backend, this API reference documentation will continue to refer to KeepTruckin both in its narrative and its code samples. This means that you will see Motive as our name everywhere else–on our website, in our product UI, in our communications to you, and in our marketing collateral–everywhere except this API reference site.

  2. Name change reflected in the documentation: If our domain changes on the backend, this API reference will also reflect our name change.