Step 3. Update a freight partner carrier.

Update information about an existing carrier in your Motive Smart Load Board.

Update information, such as status, about a carrier that you have already uploaded to your Motive Smart Load Board. For instance, if you don't want an existing carrier to see the loads you post, call this endpoint with the UPDATE method to change their status. In this sample request, we update the carrier's STATUS, to 'BLOCKED'.

To update a carrier, you do not have to include extraneous information about the carrier. Only the following is required in your call:

  • Provide the carrier id parameter in the URL. (To look up the Motive-assigned identifier for the carrier, you can use the GET call to View a carrier and retrieve the carrier_id from the payload. When you provide the carrier ID, the field syntax is id as opposed to carrier_id as received in the payload.)
  • Provide the updated value using field masks as described below. Any updated value you provide without using a field mask will not throw an error, but will not update the field in question.

Updates are made using field masks to map the changing data. Field masks specify the subset of fields that should be modified by the update operation. For example, for a carrier object containing multiple fields like this:

   "carrier": {
       "status": "STATUS_ALLOWED",
       "created_time": "1957-01-19T06:05:52.699Z",
       "id": "test",
       "load_qualifications": [
               "key": "REQUIREMENT_TARP_SIZE",
               "value": "14m"
               "key": "REQUIREMENT_MAX_TEMP",
               "value": "12"
       "updated_time": "2010-01-03T22:07:08.024Z",
       "usdot": "9abceft"
   "update_mask": {
       "paths": [

To update the carrier_reference field only, the update mask path required is carrier.carrier_reference. This call, then, will only update the carrier_reference field for the carrier object. Field masks are described in minute detail in our API reference article about updating a carrier.


Learn more

Read our reference documentation for the Freight Marketplace API's Update a carrier article for details.

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