Step 9. Get the list of dispatch locations for your dispatch.

Steps 8-12 represent the driver workflow. Here is the heart of your daily activity: working with dispatches. In this step, retrieve the list of dispatch locations that you can use for any stop on your dispatch.

You have the forms to build your dispatch ready, but what’s a dispatch without dispatch locations? The dispatch location object represents a location of a pickup, drop-off, or additional stop. Every stop on a dispatch must have a dispatch location. This location can be specified using either an address, or a latitude-and-longitude combination, or both.

When dispatch locations are created (using the POST call to this /dispatch_locations endpoint), you have the option of specifying an arrive_radius and a depart_radius. These specify the radius of the area when arriving at or departing from a stop for auto detection. You can then be alerted to arrivals and departures based on these definitions for the dispatch_location.


Use the GET method to retrieve a list of dispatch locations and select the ones you want to include on your dispatch.


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Read our reference documentation about this GET call for details.

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