Step 8. Get aggregated location updates for all your subscribed asset locations.

This is very similar to Step 6, but here you are getting updates on assets instead of vehicles. After subscribing to every asset you want to track using the freight_visibility/subscribe endpoint as described in Step 3, you can get all live subscriptions by a GET request to this one endpoint. With this API, you can get location updates only for the assets that are currently within the start- and end-time range for the loads active for your brokerage.

The response reiterates the start and end times for the different assets on your platform, along with additional details such as the final stop, the asset’s location, the Asset Gateway details, and more. You can paginate through all concurrent records.

We provide updates for live assets only. As new assets fall into the start- and end-time range, they are included in our response for this endpoint. At the same time as new assets are incorporated, any live asset that reaches its end point is no longer included in your subscription updates.

Note: To publish updates as a webhook response instead of calling this GET API, you must set the corresponding configuration at the application level. Once you have enabled webhooks and subscribed to a vehicle, the vehicle’s location is pushed to your configured endpoints. To enable webhooks, please contact Motive support.


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Read our reference documentation about the Asset Locations endpoint for details.

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